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Mengenang Industri Otomotif di Detroit

Written By Bodhonk on Senin, 22 Juli 2013 | 11.44

Henry Ford (kanan) memeriksa mobil murah ciptaannya di Detroit pada Desember 1936. Ford mulai menciptakan mobil pada tahun 1892 di Detroit. Ia kemudian mendirikan pabrik otomotif Ford yang sangat terkenal.

In this Dec. 10, 1936 file photo, Henry Ford, right, stands with his first car built in 1892, assembled in the brick barn in the background in Detroit. At left is James Bishop.

Suasana pembuatan mobil di pabrik Packard Motor Car Co, Detroit, Michigan, pada tahun 1920. Detroit kemudian menjadi pusat otomotif di Amerika mulai tahun 1950-an

This 1920s photo shows employees working in the Packard Motor Car Co. in Detroit.

Suasana pembuatan mobil di pabrik Packard Motor Car Co, Detroit, Michigan, pada tahun 1920. Detroit kemudian menjadi pusat otomotif di Amerika mulai tahun 1950-an. 

In this July 17, 1980 file photo, a shower of balloons drops from the top of the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit where the Republican National Convention heard Ronald Reagan accept the nomination for president by his party.

 In this Feb. 25, 1942 file photo, a female defense worker uses a 1,200-pound drill press at the General Motors Ternstedt Plant boring holes in aluminum parts for North American Bomber.

This Aug. 13, 1954 photo provided by Chrysler, shows the final assembly line of a Plymouth plant in Detroit.

Perakitan mobil di pabrik Plymouth di Detroit pada Agustus 1954. Tahun 1950-an industri otomotif di Detroit mulai booming dan Detroit menjadi kota otomotif yang sangat terkenal.

In this Oct. 14, 1960 file photo, people visit the National Auto Show at Cobo Hall in Detroit.

Pameran mobil di Cobo Hall, di pusat kota Detroit, pada Oktober 1960. Cobo adalah walikota yang memimpin Detroit pada 1950-1957, dan namanya diabadikan menjadi tempat pameran mobil Detroit yang masih berlangsung hingga tahun ini. 

 In this April 22, 1977 file photo, workers at the Chrysler Corp Jefferson assembly plant leave at the end of a shift in Detroit.

In this Wednesday, Aug. 7, 1980 file photo, Chrysler Corp. Chairman Lee Iacocca, sits on the hood of K Car Number One, a Plymouth Reliant, in Detroit.

Presiden , CEO, dan Chairman Chrysler Corporation yang sangat terkenal Lee Iacocca, duduk di atas mobil Plymouth Reliant di Detroit pada Augustus 1980

In this July 4, 1942 file photo, 28-ton tanks, called "General Grants" by U.S. forces in the Middle East who are using them in the battle for Egypt, are now being turned out in mass production by the Chrysler Corporation’s tank arsenal in Detroit.

In this Jan. 15, 1975 file photo, crowds visit the 59th Detroit Auto Show in the Cobo Arena in Detroit.

Suasana Detroit Auto Show di Cobo Center, Detroit, pada Januari 1975. Sekalipun kota Detroit telah bangkrut, Pameran Mobil Internasional Detroit pada Januari 2014 akan tetap diselenggarakan. 

Workers roll a Mercury Cyclone concept car up a ramp into its display area as work continues at Cobo Center in Detroit for the North American International Auto Show, Jan. 2, 1990.

In this Feb. 4, 1938 file photo, a crowd of 80,000 to 100,000 unemployed members of the United Auto Workers fill Cadillac Square in Detroit to protest against their unemployment and plea for relief measures.


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